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Fee Schedule - every service is negotiable, this includes Web site hosting.

  Pay only what you can.  If you cannot afford anything, SUPPORT WILL BE GIVEN FOR FREE!!!

  It is my goal to help the technically challenged!!

Use the Request Support tab for reporting problems and issues. It is designed to send the messages directly to my cell phone.

If you need my help with purchase of electronic items, I will accompany you to the store of your choosing for up to one hour. I can act as a Geek translator, so you get what you need and want. Not the expensive item the Geeky salesperson needs to sell you.

Thank you all for making this past year profitable and enjoyable. Remember its my goal to help, and if I make some cash In the process, then that’s a bonus. If I am not helping, please let me know…


I have been in the computer industry for 33 years.  So that would make me the Head Geek!  Any computer questions, please use the Request Support Tab.  Don't be afraid to test my knowledge.



Customer Comments and Testimonials

"Thank you, Stanley, for your excellent Service & Help"

"Hi Stan. Many thanks again for coming to the rescue earlier this week. Bravo for your excellent service."

"Thanks Stan. I really do appreciate your help/services and someone who we trust completely!!"

"Thanks Stan, all is working well..."

"Your a genius, all I see is your fingers flying across the keyboard, windows opening and closing and boom, its all fixed!"

"I have checked it out and it is working just great. Just like new."


Geeky Tip of the Week

Several people have asked me which I prefer,

The Mac

or The PC.

Technically they are both personal computers.  Mac is a PC!  But I am not impressed with Macs.  The last change in software occurred several years ago.  Believe it or not, Macs do get viruses.  Macs do crash, they do not display a blue screen, they tend to display a black screen with a white flashing dash.  Macs do cost more than twice then that of a PC.  Macs only have maybe 3 or 4 games, while the PC has an unlimited supply of games and software.  Macs are not as powerful as the PC.  To upgrade a PC, is easy, want better video buy a new video card.  With a Mac, want better video, buy a new Mac.  A Mac cannot be serviced by a Computer tech, this voids the warranty. To be repaired it has to be sent to a Mac depot!

I do provide support for those who cling to the dying Mac, but don't apologize for my feelings towards the Mac.  Basically the Video tells it all perfectly. 

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Geek Translation is just that. Helping translate technology into something that technically-challenged people can understand.

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