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computersecurity         Passwords for access…!

I have shocked some of my clients, when working on their computers.  When they ask me if I need their password to get into their system, I tell them no, and proceed to access their system.  They are shocked that the password they use on their laptop, PC, or Mac is not protecting their system the way they had thought.

I have found myself explaining that when an experienced tech has physical access to a system, the common user has no way of preventing the tech from accessing the system.  Most of the techniques that I employ are from my knowledge of how operating systems from PC’s and MACs work.  I know how to trick the OS into giving full access.

So what is safe…?               dial

Users find themselves asking several questions:

  • What is safe?
  • What’s the point of a password?
  • How can I protect myself?

We have degrees of safety, concerning our computers.  We can use encryption to protect those files for us that are important.  However, the more safe a computer is, the more difficult it is for us to access our own information.

Passwords prevent most users from accessing your computer, the same way a lock protects strangers from walking into your house or car.  Again, a locksmith has tools that can bypass these locks, and help you in when you get locked out.  This is similar to the way that I help those who accidentally lock themselves out of their computers.

Passwords are important for protecting one’s computers and the information contained within.  A computer without a password, is like a house unlocked with a sign out front that says, “Come on in…!”  If you protect your computer with a common password, like your first name, birthdate, or pet’s name, it’s like leaving a key under the welcome mat of your house.  That is the first thing anyone would try to get in.

We can protect ourselves with common sense, if our computers contain information that is valuable to us.  Whether it’s used for business or for just for storing the important family photos, time must be spent on securing the system.  If you don’t know where to start, find a trustworthy source to help you.

Find a professional to help protect yourself!

In my experience, I have had customers who have taken it upon themselves to protect their own information.   They know enough to be a danger to themselves.  One such customer transferred some very important files from his pc to an encrypted drive.  He decided to use a random 40 character key to secure the drive.  Somehow in the process, the key was corrupted.  All his data stored on the drive was lost forever.

Take the time to reach out to a professional.  It will help you to feel more comfortable about how to protect the data that you have stored on your computer…

Stanley Komarniski
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