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I must thank my wife for the inspiration in writing this article.  A few weeks ago, she came into my office and asked me a very simple question.  However, the more I thought about it the more complicated the answer became!  She asked me, “What is better, Android or Windows for a tablet?”

Just 6 months ago, I would have answered quickly, “Android!”

What Changed…?

The past 6 months have seen changes in Android and Windows that have swung towards Windows favor.  I am not saying that have Android has made bad changes, on the contrary, they have made vast improvements with the Lollipop release.  As well, I have previewed some of the new features in the next Android system, and it looks really awesome!  However, Microsoft has made a leap ahead with what they call the last version of Windows ever!

And to top it off Microsoft is giving this version away free, for any windows device that has windows 7 or greater.  I have been currently reviewing Windows 10 on my Laptop.  It is pretty awesome!  I have a Windows 8.1 tablet, and I was completely excited to get the windows 10 update notification on it.

I do have an Android Tablet as well.  I am very happy with that device as well, but not happy with how long I have to wait for an update to the Lollipop OS.  Google rolls out its updates to the manufacturers.  Then, the manufacturers modify it and send it out to the end user whenever they feel like it.  The tablet is Samsung, and less than a year old, and I am impatiently waiting for Lollipop.  However I have a 2 year old Sony Xperia, and it already has Lollipop.  I almost took a hammer to my Sony phone, because it was clunky, reset, crashed before lollipop.  Now with Lollipop, I have a decent phone!  Imagine how happy I will be when the update shows up on my 8 inch Tablet!

Windows takes a different approach, they are not sending the new OS to the manufacturers.  They send the update directly to the device, which has given them an edge!  I think Google should learn from this, as there are advantages, you get the cool features to the end user and keep your product in the spotlight!

What is Better…?

So what is the answer to the question, “What is better, Android or Windows for a Tablet?”

I can think of a thousand reasons for choosing Android!  I can think of a thousand reasons for choosing Windows.  I would say, “Neither!”  They both provide the OS that I need for working and having fun.  They both compliment my life in technology!

I will end with a warning to Google, find a better way to roll out your updates!  Right now Microsoft is catching up to you.  They might just pass you with the next windows update!

Stanley Komarniski
Head Geek – Geek Translation