Should I throw out that Samsung Tablet with a busted screen?

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From time to time we do boneheaded things.  Breaking screen of a $400 tablet, is one I did in July.  My wife had loaned me her tablet, she had it for about a year, and within 2 hours I had busted the display.

To speak on my defense, I was using the tablet as my GPS navigating device (which was awesome btw) where I had it in the magnetic holder.  It was unusually hot that day +30C (86 F), as well in the car without AC sitting in the window being heated by the sun.  What most don’t know, I already knew, is that the glass as tough as it is, is very fragile when it’s hot.  I dropped the tablet about 7 cm (3 inches) on a semi hard surface and the display shattered, or should I say exploded!

Safety tip – Handle your devices very carefully if they have been in the hot sun!


With that said, I knew what the solution was.  Buy a new touch screen, fix it, and all would be good!  However, I have discovered that most of my customers and friends would have thrown it away.  What it amounted to was 30 minutes of work, $10 US for the new screen, 2 week wait for it to be delivered, and I once again had that very nice tablet again.


For those who are not afraid I have created a step by step video showing how I fixed my tablet.

For those who are afraid you could find a technically inclined friend, buy him/her a steak dinner and he/she might fix it for you.  There are some shops and online services that will charge you a fee to repair your tablet.  However with the prices dropping for electronic items, make sure you are not spending more for a repaired tablet then it would be for a new one.

Just letting you know that you do have options rather than throwing out that tablet.

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