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It has been said in a job the first impressions are important in any area of life.  Especially with new jobs.  Trying so hard to make an impression with the new boss is, indeed, very important.  Little has been said on the last impression you leave with any work place.

I think it is equally important on the last impression you make with your former employer as your first impressions.  With that said I have tried hard to always work my hardest, to always influence any company for the good of all.  However there are jobs, I admit it, that my last impression was not the greatest impression that I have left.  However usually with those jobs, this matched my first impression that I had left.  All of us has faced the jobs that were a glove when we were trying for a shoe.  It just did not fit.

What about the job where you have put your heart into.  They have recognized you for all your accomplishments and even rewarded you at times.  These are the jobs that will find a permanent spot on your Resume.  The jobs that you regret leaving even though you knew that it was time for you to move on.  The job where the last impression you leave is very important.

The picture below is a message I left on the whiteboard, thanking a company for my experience there.


Now for me it was just an expression of how I felt while employed there.  It was a small way of saying thank you.  I had not expected much of a response to it, after a few days I had even left in the back of my mind and paid no attention to it.

About a week later, I got a call from my former employer who thanked me for leaving such a thoughtful message.  I was told that no had noticed the message on the board until now.

Later on that month, I had asked for a reference letter.  I received a reference letter that called me the best engineers that they have ever had.  Now I realize that it was my hard work at that company that gave me that reputation, however by saying thank you punctuated the work I had done.

At every job I have been employed at, I have always left a message behind, irregardless if they are ones that I will include on my resume or not.  Be it a note on the whiteboard or a sticky note in the staff fridge.  I try to leave a positive message of who I am behind…

Stanley Komarniski
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