Internet Outage!??!?!?

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For most the past 24 hours were abuzz with the news that there was a DDos attack that took out the internet.  Headlines ranged “Beginning of a Bleak Future” to “Major Websites knocked out…”.  They spoke on how this major attack crippled the internet in the USA.

The truth is not one website was taken out, there was no loss of service to these sites.  People still watched YouTube videos.  People still purchased items online.  People still went about their business and life was still continuing.  Since I am in the computer support industry, I can tell you not one of the 100s of people that I support called me to complain in any way of their access.  After all was said and done, no servers had to be restored, no files had to be restored, everything continued.

So what really happened?  Nothing more than someone’s coordinated efforts to create fake requests so that you could not look up the correct connection information.  When going to one of the effected sites your computer would not be able to see where to go.  Nothing more!

Simply put it would be like trying to get verbal directions during a rock concert.  No matter how loud they shout, there is no way you are going to hear the directions.  What the attackers did was create internet noise so your computer could not hear the correct address to the site you were trying to access.

When the noise was gone, everything continued as before.  No data was lost, no security was broken, the noise was just gone.  Now I am sure the servers who were effected have now put in place measures to block this noise from happening again.  As well those committing the attack are looking at ways of creating new internet noise.

Should we be concerned? My quick answer is, “No!”  It was nothing more than an inconvenience.  It is like a fly that we have just killed.  It bugged us for a bit but now it’s gone.

I think the media outlets should think twice before over exaggerating this issue for headlines.  In the computer field, I have run into individuals who want nothing more than cause issues with everyone.  We have given a name to them, they are ‘Trolls’!  We have a saying in the computer field, “Please don’t feed the Trolls!”  What this means is, deal with the issue they have caused, don’t talk or respond to them and since they are not getting attention they will just crawl back under the rock they came from.

If there is one thing you take from this article, please let it be this one thing…!


Stanley Komarniski
Computer and Technical expert



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