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I had created a gaming setup on the couch for my wife about 10 years ago when we first were married.

I have the monitor mounted next to the couch so that she can swing the monitor towards her when she kicks her feet up in the recliner.  I found a board from Walmart for about $10 that has a cushion on the bottom, which is really comfy!  She has a wireless keyboard and mouse that she uses, that works fine for the MMOs that she likes to play online.  Her main system and monitor has changed over the years, however one thing remains the same.  She gets to kick it back and be relaxed while she games…!


The simplicity in the setup is what my wife loves.


You might notice a white area, below where she has the mouse.  This was not from the mouse, my wife tried to use the board to do her nails, which had resulted in the paint being warn off in that spot.


Originally I had a mousepad on that spot, however with the blue optic mouse, my wife has no complaints to the response with out the pad.


She can swing the screen out when she gets up and then swing it back again, when she is killing the big boss

The setup can be used to game on the big screen from the couch.  Again you can fit your favorite keyboard, wired or wireless, along with your mouse and game to your hearts desire.  The keyboard my wife has has a touch pad for when she needs it.

Any questions about the setup, please drop me a message!  I will be Glad to help

Stanley Komarniski
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2 thoughts on “Gaming from the Couch…”

  1. Josh February 8, 2020Reply

    What monitor arm is that and what did you mount it to?

    1. HeadGeek February 10, 2020Reply

      Monitor Arm
      Mount point
      The arm is a generic arm and is mounted to a end table next to the couch.

      You could probably find a similar arm on Amazon.


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