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Click HERE for shareable PDF Spam Document… Purpose: It is my hope with this document that it will help you recognize spam emails and know how to avoid the traps that are set in them.  Remember a spam email is only annoying, until you click a link or open the attachment.   When you do click..

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We see and use Google voice, Cortana, Siri and they seem intelligent. But they are nothing more than search engines using the information on the internet to perform the tasks we ask them to perform.

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The setup can be used to game on the big screen from the couch. Again you can fit your favorite keyboard, wired or wireless, along with your mouse and game to your hearts desire.

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What should be known is the amount of information that is collected about you.  Most people are oblivious as to the amount of data being collected, whether they are online or just going about their lives.  In this post, I am going to try and touch on a few areas. What tracks… Ad Settings –..

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         Passwords for access…! I have shocked some of my clients, when working on their computers.  When they ask me if I need their password to get into their system, I tell them no, and proceed to access their system.  They are shocked that the password they use on their laptop, PC,..